About The 2² Photo Team

Beau and Jen Hudspeth are a husband and wife team committed to the ideal that "The 2 of us, multiplied by the 2 that have chosen to live as one, equal memories to last 4 ever." Using this ideal as their guide they have blended their separate and unique talents to form 2 Squared Photography.

Beau is an award winning photographer whose work has appeared in magazines, corporate advertising, and on the World Wide Web. He brings his vast skills into good use on every photograph so that each one is not only technically precise, but is also artfully executed to achieve a result that adds "something more" than just what is seen through the lens.

Jen is the team's essential second photographer. She is an accomplished photographer and before joining Beau to form 2 Squared Photography she had years of experience working in the realm of corporate customer service. Her ability to use her people skills and to empathize with the "Bride's side" of the wedding party gives feminine insight into the kinds of photographs that capture those special "behind the scenes" moments.

Dynamic wedding photography is their focal point, and as a team they offer superb technical and artistic skills in combination with extraordinary "Grace under pressure".

Romance, Excitement, Laughter, Tears, Joy, Passion, Elegance, Fun, Love - These are not just words on a page, but are emotions on your Wedding Day that must be preserved and cherished forever. We would be honored to help you do this through our photography.

Please browse our Photo Gallery for examples of our work.